Moyo, Big Bay - Blouberg, Cape Town, South Africa

There are many restaurants, clubs, festivals and tourist attractions to see when visiting South Africa. All these places are representing South Africa / Africa... but how often do you as a local actually take the time to also tour your own city? There are so many things/sites for us to be proud of and most of the time they go completely unnoticed or simply classified as a stereotypical tourist attraction that isn't even worth a visit.

Myself and two of my friends went to visit Moyo yesterday afternoon (spur of the moment decision - usually works out the best). I WAS BLOWN AWAY! Moyo and Eden on the bay had the perfect atmosphere yesterday! It was a beautiful day in Cape Town and everybody was just relaxed and happy!

I don't think I got to experience Moyo at it's best, but I will definitely be going back again!

Musicians playing traditional African music ... they even let me play



  1. this all looks so beautiful! and it's so true, sometimes after living somewhere for a while we forget to go explore and take in all those lovely things that so many come to see. let's never take it for granted! :)
    xo TJ

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