5 day challenge: Day 03

Day 03... and we still going strong.
It's funny how you crave all the things you can't eat (e.g. chips, sweeties etc) when you being so strict with yourself! It's definitely a subconscious thing I think... when you relaxed and eating "normally" and not on a diet... you tend to be more relaxed about the things you shouldn't eat... but like I said... when you being strict with yourself... you just want want want want WANT all the bad things in the world!

Last night we didn't go to the gym, but we actually went for a walk in the "hood" with Frank (Vonnie's pug).
It was actually nice doing this because it felt to me like I was walking out all the tense muscles from gym.
Tonight we gym again!
Here was day 03...

and a little picture of Frank the pug.

Wednesdays just became: "Frank Wednesdays"...