before and after

I quickly did a VERY VERY rough retouch of a stock photo I found on the Internet.
I did this because I wanted to show you the power of Photoshop. Many people want to look like the models on the covers of magazines... Let me just say this before I get into trouble, that yes, there are models who don't need any retouching what-so-ever. They were born beautiful and are extremely blessed by their good looks...

...but then we get those few celebrities who just do not look like what they look like in the real life...
This dear people is all thanks to retouching programs that are able to make you lose 20 kg's, remove scars, change hair colour etc. in a matter of seconds.

Here is just something I did in 15 minutes.... it's not anything I'm proud of, but I just wanted to show you what can be done...

Claudia Jones

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