Car Lesson_01

So... there I was... I was stranded.... car cut out and left me in a relatively dodgy side of town.
I've been having a "car-cut-out" problem the past few weeks... and thought the previous time was because I ran out of petrol. Nope. It wasn't.
So this little car problem of mine got me thinking, and I decided that as this relationship between me and my Fiat continues to grow amazingly, I would document small little car problems, post them on my blog, in the hope that I could be of assistance to people out there, who know very little about cars, just like me.

- -
PROBLEM: Car cutting out randomly

If you find your car decides to just spontaneously cut out without any reason what-so-ever, have a look at your wiring. It could be an electrical problem... or even just how the wires were placed back in your car after someone else had worked on it. A couple of months ago, my car blew a head gasket... when the company fixed my car, they didn't place the wires back properly and this caused the wires to move onto HOT parts of the car and melt.
It could also just be wear-and-tear over time. Nothing to do with anyone... it's just one of those things that happen.
Thankfully, my housemate Fran was clever enough to fix mine... he did a little cleaning up and so far so good! Thanks FRAN!
Also... it's a very good thing to try and belong to a company like AA or something... there are just some days that you just will have to rely on these awesome people to help you out!