Rice, chicken and veggie casserol

Cost: plus minus R80
Feeds: 4-5 people
Cooking Time: plus minus 30 - 40 minutes

- 1-2 cups rice
- onions (chopped)
- mushrooms (sliced)
- chicken (ideally use chicken breasts, however I used chicken schnitzel)
- rocket
- baby tomatoes (plus minus 8 and sliced)
- green pepper
- broccoli
- grated cheese
- salt and pepper (add to taste)

I decided to make the following casserol as a little challenge. I also wanted to use left over rice from earlier the day (sounds gross to use left over rice, but actually worked out quite well).
For those of you who don't know how to make rice... its actually one of the easiest things to make. All you have to remember is for every cup of rice you use, you use two cups of water. You cook the rice in the water (with a little bit of salt) until the water is gone... taste the rice... and all depending on how you like your rice, depends on whether or not you will be adding more water. If you like mooshy rice, then add another cup of water.

Also remember that for this recipe you don't want to add any other spices or sauces as the ingredients itself cook together to make an awesome flavour!


Slice up the chicken into little squares (bite size) and then add it in the pan and fry for about 15 minutes.

Cut the green pepper in half and slice up only the one half and add into the pan. Remember to stir all the ingredients occasionally so that they don't stick to the pan and burn. 

Break up the broccoli into smaller pieces and add in the pan.

Finely chop up the rocket and add it to the pan as well.

Chop up the tomatoes and add them to the party in the pan... :)
I only added the tomatoes this late in the process otherwise they become mooshy and kind of disappear... strange I know...

The process:

You need to use a porcelain bowl that CAN go into an oven!

The verdict: I had 2 of my house mates taste this, so including me it rated 10 out of 10 (or 3 out of 3 if you want to be clever).