Cindy (one of my house mates) and I decided to make Mojitos.
However, we had to try and keep it as affordable as possible. Normally Mojito's have white rum and NOT vodka. We thought of trying it with vodka instead (because vodka is cheaper) and see if it made such a big difference.
The verdict: was good enough to have second rounds...

- Lime Cordial (shot)
- Vodka (we used one/two shots of Russian Bear)
- Mint leaves (as preferred)
- Crushed Ice
- Sugar (1 teaspoon per mojito)

To crush the ice is fairly simple. If you anything like my house mate Cindy, you will enjoy this part the most. She loves using pots and pans for cooking, self defence and for any other house hold given purpose. Cindy figured that the best way to crush the ice would be to hit the living life out of the ice by using a pot and placing the ice in a plastic bag.
Hit the bag until you are happy.

As you add the crushed ice to the glass make sure to add the mint leaves in between.

Remember to melt the sugar before you add it to the mixture. We used about a teaspoon of sugar for each of our mojitos. Try it... I can promise you, you won't be dissapointed.