Fabric Friends - Boston, Bellville, Cape Town

Tyna is the kind and friendly lady working at Fabric Friends. She recognised my face even though I haven't had the chance to visit the store for years. Tyna greets every single person who enters and leaves and makes me think they have known her for years... but as I start talking to her, getting to know more about Fabric Friends, I realize that you can't not get along with her. She is so helpful, along with the rest of her staff. They are so interested in each client and will advise you with your purchases so that you will make a success with whatever it is you are making.

This little shops has thousands of millions of thing(s) that your heart desires (if you into sewing or being creative). To give you an idea on how affordable they are, would be to tell you, you can make a dress for less than R30. There is so much material that you can spend HOURS enjoying all the textures and colours...

If you like me you will more than likely walk out with material you didn't initially need to get. You just buy it because its so pretty. Fabric Friends is constantly being stocked with new material. They even have a sms list where you can give your details and will notify you once new stock has arrived.
Fabric Friends is definitely a me thing(s) and definitely worth a visit!
Contact details below...

Fabric Friends:
Shops1&2, Ramir Court, Cleveland St, Boston, Bellville, 7530

Tyna: 082 575 3789
Nola: 072 125 1281