Too cruel for school

When I was in my final year at school, I basically had enough of watching how kids were cruel to each other, how much they stabbed each other in the back with gossip and name calling. It was almost as though I carried the pain of each person I saw being bullied. It literally felt like every time they were getting hurt emotionally and physically, I was feeling it too.

There was one very specific day that stood out from the others.
My friend and I had to go to the library during one of the breaks to photocopy art notes. We were both happy that day, talking and laughing as if we actually were having a good time at a place like school.

What I saw in that library that day made me realize how CRUEL school can actually be and that so many people aren't aware of it. There was a boy, having his lunch and reading a book in the library. He seemed happy, calm and quite comfortable just sitting there in silence. It seemed as though the library was his escape from the bullies.

Our hearts broke. It was so sad to see that he didn't have a group of friends, or at least ONE friend that he could chat too about similar interests.

Out of no where, three little sh*ts (sorry but that is the only way to describe them) came into the library, caused mayhem and destruction. They threw books around and then they noticed him. It was then that my friend and I realized... trouble was on the way.

They made their way over to him and started harassing him. They threw his book away, kicked his suitcase into the distance and even pulled his hair. I know a lot of people think that this boy should have stood up for himself, but how could he? He was so tiny and they were really scary looking even if I can admit it myself.

As I watched them hurt him, I started feeling his pain too.

The more I watched them hurt him, the crazier my emotions were getting inside. I grew angry and would say I was so close to becoming violent.

My only reaction was to lift was hands up like a crazy person and shout: “HEY!” Not my best of lines I won't lie.

I suppose my crazy angry eyes, red face and loud voice must have scared them because they quickly made there way out. They vanished and left the poor little guy to not only pick up his things, but his emotion too.