Toffee - Window Starer

Toffee is something special. Completely crazy and horribly spoilt! Amoungst thousands of her interests, including slippers and anything FLUFFY... she has a fetish for windows. What she gets from it, I can't explain, but what she experiences from it, I can try to explain in pictures...

Most people driving past our house will always notice this:

A silhouette.

As you come closer you normally see this:
A cute bullterrier, that stares into nothing for hours. She acknowledges you by moving nothing else other than her eye-balls. She will look at you once, and then look away again. The amount of times she greets you with her eye-balls all depends on her mood.

She is so close to the window that everytime she breaths in and out, she leaves a changing trail of water vapour on the window.

I am not lying to you when I say she will stand and stare forever. What she sees I dont know.


When she gets tired, she sits. Not like a dog. But like the human she thinks she is:

Her reaction is somewhat delayed at times.


Once she realizes what she has actually missed, she decides whether or not its worth while to bark and go mad about. Even leaves have never been taken gracefully by her:
She spits while she barks and ends up carrying on like a loonetick! She'll jump up and down - side to side just to make sure we know that something has just passed the window.

The funniest sound you hear after that, is her trying to run away on wooden laminated flooring. All you hear is her running for another few minutes on one spot trying to get away.


Once she has told us that something has passed the window, she will go back to her spot and sit there  for hours again.