Road Rage

Some people suffer from what's known as Road Rage.

People take their anger out on passing cars, traffic, robots, cars that don't indicate when they change lanes, beggars and self employed kids who wash your windscreen with a dirty window wiper and 3 days old soap in a coke bottle.

Let me just add, that most of them won't first ask you if you want your windscreen washed. They just start washing and then they ask you if you want it washed. The trick is to try and stop them before they start doing anything. I understand the concept of them trying to earn money, but you cannot sell something to someone without them wanting it.

Normally road rage is caused because of other events which have got nothing to do with what's happening on the road. Being on the road, allows you to let out the anger you have built up over time on someone or something completely random without getting personal or feeling bad for maybe hurting someone's feelings.

My anger was caused by a break up. I was so upset and so furious. I was letting it all out while on my way to an evening course. I was driving with two girls who did the course with me and was letting out all my emotion and viciousness known to man. I was so angry with my ex and needed to vent there and then.

In an unfortunate situation we were standing still at one of the busiest intersections of Cape Town.

A boy of about 17 starting moving towards my car. I had to interrupt myself many times and told him not to wash my window.

This boy apparently had no ears. He squeezed his coke bottle and poured dirty soap water onto my windscreen.

This brought hate, anger and irritation out in me that was stuck inside for weeks.

The next thing I knew this boy was running away from my car and before I could realize why, I noticed people staring at me in disbelief.
I was half way out of my window and screaming like a crazy person. I think they must have thought I was going to go at this boy, physically.

Without wasting any more time, I pulled myself back into my car to find my two friends looking at me horrified.