Original Pranksters

Hauz V, is a self proclaimed name to its residents. It's a home where 5 of us stay. Currently we are 2 girls, outwitted by 3 guys. However this does not stop Cindy and I from coming up with mastermind comebacks.

On the odd occasion there is normally a prank pulled by one of us, on one of the other house mates. I try my best to stay out of these because I know what happens when revenge comes around. However I can never not be involved. Either way, I saw what the one was going to do to the other – and then get dragged into it, or I hear about it – and get dragged into it, OR I have to oversee that someone isn't going to scratch in the other ones personal things – and then – I get dragged into it.

Its a vicious circle of prank events.

I too have been a victim of these pranks.
I once found a strange bottle opener object in my bed. (Have to blur it out for sensitive readers.)

I then found this same object with my eggs in my fridge.

My vehicle was tagged with a “Construction Vehicle” magnet.

Or your dog gets kidnapped for ransom:

Cindy and I decided one evening, while 2 of the regular pranksters were out for drinks, that this was now the ideal time to get them back.

So in Frans bathroom we decided to tape his shower doors closed with see-through tape. We did the same with his bathroom cabinet.

In Wynands bathroom we taped together his toothbrush and toothpaste.
We also put clear cling wrap over his toilet.

I couldn't sleep that night, and thought that the cling wrap was going a little too far. It would have ended up in a huge mess if one of their girl friends had to use the loo.

So before Wynand got home I went to take off the cling wrap without telling Cindy.

The next morning she asked: “I wonder what happened with Wynand and his toilet?” I laughed with her and just continued leaving the house for work.

While I was at work I felt guilty and told Cindy that I took off the cling wrap. She just laughed at me and said that she could see in my eyes, that I might have taken it off.

Fran, suffered a little more than what Wynand did. The next morning he wanted to have a shower before going to work. Getting up was already incredibly difficult because of the night before.

He stood at his shower and couldn't understand why he couldn't get the door open.

After he had to walk around the house looking for a scissor, he managed to find that we had not only taped the top but the bottom too as well as along the side of the door.

His status on facebook was directed at me. I was thought to be the instigator.

Unfortunately I could not take the credit for it and confessed to Cindy's brilliant ideas.

A few days later the guys thought it would be the best thing since sliced bread to get Cindy back.

So they went into her room and got hold of her hair dryer and poured baby powder into it. (this was when I was instructed to stand and keep an eye open just in case they might have opened the wrong drawer).

The idea was meant to end up like this:

This actually works!

but ended up like this:

Cindy had accidentally switched on her hair dryer when she put it on her bed, turned her back and then saw the above.

These are just a few of the prank events that take place in Hauz V. There were many more, and sure quite a few more to come...