Late Bloomer - 01

On the 18th of may 2005 my topic for this story was called... Being grateful for my parents, today I call it "Late Bloomer - 01".

When I was17/18 it was hard for me to understand why I wasn't always allowed to go to the places my friends did, or even stay out as late as them. There were many times I just wanted to scream for freedom and was convinced I was already VERY responsible from the age of 14. I thought I was all grown up and apparently I thought I knew everytthing there is to know about the world. I was convinced that I could become president at that age. Unfortunately, the reality was that even though I thought I was responsible, knew everything etc., I didn't.

If I look back now, I am so glad I wasn't allowed to do all the things I could've done. Thinking back to then, and looking at what I wrote, I realize that so many things could have gone wrong way too quickly.

Maybe I would have been in hospital for alcohol poisoning...

perhaps I could have been kidnapped (no matter how dodgy someone was, I had a tendency to try and find the good in people).

I'm glad my parents gave me the right amount of freedom when I needed it.
Don't get me wrong though, it was hell for me at the time. It sucked knowing that my friends were out having fun and I had to stay at home. Thus the reason for me writing all the time. I had so much to say; so much to figure out and had so many answers to the questions I couldn't always understand.

I also remember that I never made it easy on my parents. I threw tantrums.

I sulked.

I was just plain grumpy.

Luckily my parents stayed strong and knew when I would be ready to get all the freedom I wanted.
I'm not saying that parents shouldn't allow there kids to go out at all. I had a friends who had all the freedom they wanted and turned out just fine. Its knowing when and where to draw the line with your child. Each teen is different and each parent knows their teen...

I was too naïve to understand what the big bad world really wanted from me. My other friends already knew the difference between right and wrong, and was lucky enough to be able to know what to do through those times. I wouldn't have know what to do. I was the little late bloomer if you would call it that. If someone had to chat me up in a club I wouldn't know how to handle it. Either laugh uncontrollable, or just stare at the person with a blank expression.

When I did get all the freedom I wanted I was so overwhelmed I didn't know how to use it at first, and quickly FREEDOM became a curfew. After learning how to handle that I got FREEDOM back. Freedom and I have never parted ever since.

I think my parents did the right thing with me. They knew when the time was right, and when the day came that they handed me freedom, I enjoyed life so much, despite the occassional obstacles!

Claudia Jones

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