Kitty VS Gecko VS me

Kitty is not your average, normal house cat. She seems all sweet, cuddly and cute (which most of the time she is)...

… but she also has these instantaneous violent outbursts. She allows certain people to stroke her for hours while with others, she only allows you to stroke-stroke-stroke and then she's had enough. If you don't know her, follow the instructions by stroking her 3 times and STOP. Otherwise you will have to deal with this:

One of my “special” moments spent with Kitty nearly took a turn for the worst. She has a tendency to bring me gifts. Living gifts. Apparently its a gift of love. To me it's a sick term of endearment.
One specific day we were both totally caught off-guard by one of these living gifts she had forgotten in my room.

As we were spending time together, having our usual meow-meow-chit-chat, we both spotted a little gecko. This poor little guy looked at us for a split second and then made a dash. In that split second we could both see the fear in its eyes.
Kitty and I looked at the gecko and looked at each other, in what seemed to be 3 minutes of looking back and forth but was probably only 3 seconds long.

We both ended up trying to catch the gecko. Kitty wanted it dead.
I wanted it alive.
I wanted to save it from eternal doom and gloom. However we both missed it as we tried grabbing it on the floor.

We struggled for minutes trying to find it under my bed. In the end not one of us found it. The gecko was lucky to get away this time. Hopefully it got away for good.