Blogity People: Dylan Wyndham Jones

I'm very proud to introduce you to my very first Blogity Person, my brother, friend and amazing artist, Dylan!
(All the artworks through this interview belong to Dylan Wyndham Jones, so don't even think of stealing ideas, be creative and go make your own things!)

  • Give a brief short introduction to Dylan Wyndham Jones: 

It is my name. I'm a 23 old boy, living in the lovely suburb of Vredehoek in Cape Town. I spend my days working full time at a design and freelance and illustrate after hours. Recently I've taken up Paintballing as a hobby. When I'm not doing any of these, you'll usually see me at my local hangout, The Shack or having a pizza at Rafikis.

The very Dylan Jones!

  • Why illustration and graphic design and where do you get your inspiration from (eg favourate designer, sites etc)?

Its kind of something Ive always been doing my whole life, teachers use to get irritated at me that Id rather be doodling small illustrations in class and not be listening to their lecture. I first wanted to become an Architect, but later decided Design and Illustration is best suited for me. Favourite designers who are a great inspiration to my work and myself, are McBess, Theory One, Mattias Adolfsson, Jordan Metcalf, Bison, just to name a few. For inspiration I'm generally on,,, and

  • Who are the characters in your pictures?

No one in particular, I don't like drawing people that I know.

  • Where do you see yourself one day?

Hopefully married, living in the country somewhere, playing the banjo.

  • What is your favourite things (can be anything clothes, stones, objects, animals whatever rocks your boat)

My new paintball gun, pasta, chicken, my leather jacket from my dad, dogs (especially huskies), standing in the rain, beer, hanging with my friends and illustrating.

  • What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Hanging out at the local bar, paintball, illustrating and hanging with my homes.

  • If you could be anywhere right now, where would that be and why?

Vancouver, Ive always wanted to go to Canada.

  • Whats your secret place in cape town?

I cant tell you, its a secret ;)

For more information or if you want to see more of Dylan's portfolio you shouldn't waste anymore time, click here NOW!  PS: you won't find any other artists like this guy :)