Amulet & Pretty Little Shop - Hermanus

As I've mentioned before, Hermanus has thousands of little secrets. On another visit I came across another little shop called Amulet. My mom and I were immediately lured to the clothing rail. Each item hanging there was unique. Each item, seemed to have its own little bits of detail. Just like the shop.

The cute little shops description of Amulet, is exactly how they describe it on their blog.
A pretty little shop.
You can't stop browsing. There are so many things, that one could more than likely spend hours browsing, looking and just wanting to buy EVERYTHING! The little shop was filled with textures, variety and anything PRETTY!

Amulet is run by a kind lady called Hélène Truter who, according to her blog, shares the floor space with interior decorator, Lydia Oosthuizen from Seaside Interiors. You will also recognise Hélène Truter as Poppie, from Vetkoekpaleis. She was kind enough to allow me to take a couple of pictures as well as write about Amulet on my blog to share with you guys!
Amulet not only has many things to adore but also has a little coffee shop. What really caught my eye was the cute courtyard in the back of the shop.

This is genuinely a magical little shop, please go and take the time to have a look at this CUTE little shop!

For more information go to or email them at OR and EVEN BETTER go to the shop: 4 Broad Street, Hermanus, 7200 (tel/fax 028 313 0359)



  1. die heel wonderlikste dagboek(wat jy self ontwerp) word hier vir jou aanmekaar gesit!! en dit hou die hele jaar laaank!!
    dis iets so spesiaals, dat jy al jou klasmaats jaloers maak daarop. dis my tweede jaar wat ek dit laat doen en ek sal DV dit volgende jaar weer wil doen!!
    dankie Amulet!! vir spesiale professionele diens!!
    Chante Neitz-Paarl