How it all started

Most of the time, when I tell people a story about something that has happened to me, or tell them of something that I saw happening, which ten-to-one had me involved somewhere along the lines, people normally tell and told me: “Claudia, you should really write a book”.

Since I was 13, I started writing about things that happened to me, things that I really wish I could change about the world, things/lessons that I learnt from life and the list goes on and on...
It was only then a matter of time before I would start sharing those things with the world. 
So here it goes world... here is My Story.

My actual book.
The papers and photos on the left were all notes and reminders of things I wanted to write.
I'm going to show you this next part because I want you to understand who I was then and then over time you will learn who I am today. 

I'm going to allow you to laugh at my very first entry I wrote when I was 12 turning 13 years old, firstly because its kind of silly but also the beginning, secondly because I was 12 and lastly because of my  brilliant use of language and grammar.


"Chapter 1 - 1999
I am starting to write a book about my animals. I am going to tell you how a special relationship has lasted between me and my animals.

I am first of all going to tell you about my big dog. She was a gold short hair Labrador. She was 14 and a half when she died but was my heroin. Oh, I can remember how much I adored her. She was my best friend. That morning before she died I did not have a chance to say good bye. All I did that morning was give her a tap on the head and had to go to school. It was a terrible feeling when I heard that she was put out.

I would never forget her again. She will always be in my mind!
I loved her dearly, and I suppose she loved me too!"

I was 18 when I started sorting all my documentaries (as I use to call them) into a 
book-like format.
My first page to my “actual” book I wrote started off like this:


2 June 2004
My story is all about my life.
How I grew up and still am growing into life. How I feel towards life socially and spiritually.
I want to thank my parents, mom and dad, for bringing me up the way they did. I'm sorry mom and dad for making life so hard for you! Even through those hard times I actually did learn something every time. If it wasn't for your love and guidance I never would have been who I am today. If I may say so... I'm proud of my life AND am proud of you too!

To my one and only brother, Dylan, thank you for bringing light to my world! For always making me laugh and smile! Thank you for also sharing your life with me. I hope I was a good sister to you.
And then to my grandpa, granny's, uncle's and aunt, thank you for spoiling me and loving me too!”

Sounds relatively sappy and all (I meant what I said though)... but just stayed tuned... the good stuff is coming!