High Street Close - Hermanus, South Africa

Whale watching.
Endless beautiful views.
Vintage holiday cottages and homes.
Surf locations.
Shark cage diving.
And thousands upon, THOUSANDS of little secrets.

It's strange how many times you can walk down one little road and think you know of every shop, boutique and restaurant that exists. It's amazing how you sometimes don't even bother to open your eyes a little more and try to find things you haven't seen, even though it becomes a routine to go down the same road everyday. I can honestly say, that you will be surprised at all the things you will find that you constantly choose to miss without even being aware of it.

Just behind Main St in Hermanus, lies High St. This is where my parents took my brother and I to experience High Street Close. I was told it once use to be a little “living community” - as I would call it. A place where students, bachelors, professionals and young couples use to live. Each flat (which has now been converted into shops) opened up to a tiny court yard. The big gate was closed in the evenings and after working/studying hours these residents use to get together and have their braai's and/or get-togethers. 

To a certain extent I thought having converted these flats it into shops destroyed memories but then again, it opened up a whole new exciting world.

Take a look at all the things I found...

An old car that was turned into a human friendly playground.

The courtyard. Here you will also find a coffee shop called: "Anya's mum", which is run by a young lady who just finished school. Definitely a worth while stop!

These birds are fake. Not real. It was so deceiving.

Ah look - a pot for plants... wait... its actually the top part of a toilet. :)

The inside of one of these awesome little shops in High Street Close. There were so many things, and such little time... can definitely spend a whole day here finding the most amazing little things.

 Next time you in Hermanus, please take the time and visit High Street Close... I'm sure you will discover many more things than me!